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Terms and conditions for the hotel

Terms and conditions, Eden-Hotel, Reinhäuser Landstrasse 22a, 37083 Göttingen, Germany:

1. A hotel accommodation contract or hire contract arises whenever a hotel room or function room is let, promised or provided.
2. A contract for a hotel room covers overnight accommodation, breakfast, and the use of sauna, swimming pool and car parking facilities. The contract for functional rooms covers only the use of the room in question. The hire charge agreed upon is in each case the currently valid daily rate. Additional hotel services (billiards, solarium, massage, etc.), if available, may be obtained at extra charge.
3. Subletting or reletting of functional rooms, exhibition spaces or advertising panels requires written permission from EDEN-HOTEL GmbH (hereinafter referred to as “the hotel”)
4. The conclusion of a hotel accommodation contract or hire contract obliges the contracting parties to honour the agreement over the entire duration of the agreement. The agreement may not be terminated unilaterally.
5. Option bookings are binding for both of the contracting parties. The hotel reserves the right to release the reserved hotel rooms / functional rooms to another party after the option’s expiration date.
6. If the advance payment requested by the hotel has not been made by the required deadline, the hotel is immediately released from its contractual obligations.
7. The reserved hotel room is available to the guest from 3.00 pm on the arrival date to 11.00 am on the departure date. Departures after 11.00 am must be arranged with the reception desk on the evening before the departure date; departures between 11.00 am and 3.00 pm will be charged at half the room rate, and those after 3.00 pm at the full rate less breakfast charges of EUR 6.00 per person.
8. Reservations will be held until 6.00 pm.
9. Booked functional rooms are available to the contracting party only at the agreed times. Any additional use is possible only with the prior consent of the hotel.
10. The contracting party has no entitlement to any specific hotels or functional rooms.
11. If, exceptionally for whatever reason, the hotel / functional rooms agreed upon should not be available, the hotel will make every effort to provide equivalent substitutes.
12. Cancellations or changes to reservations for functional rooms or packages (except for 12g) will be handled as follows:

a) Up to 42 days before arrival: no charge
41-35 days before arrival: free cancellation of 30% of the reservation (rounded to the nearest whole number of rooms and/or packages)
34-28 days before arrival: free cancellation of 20% of the reservation (rounded to the nearest whole number of rooms and/or packages)
27-14 days before arrival: free cancellation of 10% of the reservation (rounded to the nearest whole number of rooms and/or packages)
13-07 days before arrival: free cancellation of 5% of the reservation (rounded to the nearest whole number of rooms and/or packages)
6-0 days before arrival: payment in full.

b) In the event of cancellation or change of reservations over and above the free quota of 12a), the following charges apply (except for 12g):

up to 42 days before arrival: no charge
41-30 days before arrival: 50% of the reservation
29-14 days before arrival: 60% of the reservation
13-0 days before arrival: 70% of the reservation.

c) If hotel rooms have been reserved, the charge will be 80% of the reservation (except for 12g).
d) For individually reserved hotel rooms (up to 2 rooms), cancellation is free of charge up to 48 hours before arrival, except during trade fair seasons (see 12g).
e) For groups of 3 or more hotel rooms, 12a) and 12c) apply.
f) For any event involving 70 or more guest nights, the periods mentioned under 12a) and 12b), and for hotel rooms the periods under 12a), are increased by 15 days in every case.
g) For the durations of the CEBIT, EMO, and other industry trade fairs in or near Göttingen, the cancellation periods given 12a) and 12b) do NOT apply for groups as defined under 12e), functional rooms and packages. For individual hotel rooms (up to 2 rooms) the cancellation period is 8 weeks (56 days). In all cases, customers will be charged 100% of the booking
13. The guest is at liberty to prove that the hotel incurs no loss as a result of his non-utilization of its services, or that any loss incurred is lower than the sum demanded.
14. For all group bookings, the hotel must receive a list of participants 14 working days before the arrival of the group.
15. If the party making the reservation is not the organiser of the event, both are jointly and severally responsible for fulfilling the terms of the contract.
16. If the hotel has good reason to believe that the event may jeopardise the smooth functioning of the hotel or the security or reputation of the hotel or its guests, or in case of force majeure or civil unrest, the hotel may cancel the event; all claims for damages against the hotel are excluded.
17. Newspaper advertisements containing details of the hotel for invitations, sales events or job interviews, and any use of the name Eden Hotel or Eden for advertising purposes by the contracting party require the prior written permission of the hotel. If publication occurs without the hotel’s prior consent and the hotel’s interests are significantly damaged thereby, the hotel has the right to cancel the event: in this case, the hotel will insist on payment in accordance with 12b) and 12c), without consideration of 12a).
18. For group meals (set meals or buffets), the event organizer must inform the hotel of the exact number of participants two working days before the start of the event.?This number will be taken as the absolute minimum for which the hotel will invoice the organizer.
19. Outside food and drink are not permitted. Exceptions to this rule are possible only with prior permission from the hotel and on payment of the usual service or corkage charges.
20. Presentation materials and other objects may not be brought into the hotel without prior agreement. All such material must meet fire safety requirements.
21. The party reserving function rooms for events is obliged to remove from the hotel, at his own cost, all the packaging and information material brought in by him. If the party fails to comply with this requirement, he/she is obliged to reimburse the hotel for disposal costs in accordance with the rate valid at the time.
22. The contracting party is liable to compensate the hotel in full for any damage to the building or fixtures caused by him/her, his/her subcontractors or guests, unless the contracting partner can prove that the damage is less.
23. If the hotel procures technical, decorating, or other types of third-party services for the event organiser, it acts in the name of and on behalf of the event organizer. The event organiser is responsible for the careful handling and safe return of these objects, and indemnifies the hotel from all claims by third parties.
24. Guests paying individually must pay cash immediately and in full. All guest accounts must be settled weekly.
25. Invoices issued under prior credit arrangements are payable in full within 10 days.
26. The hotel accepts the following credit cards: EC card, Eurocard, VISA, American Express, Diners Club and JCB, but only for amounts that are not subject to commissions and do not represent special prices. In individual cases, the hotel is entitled to refuse foreign currency, cheques and credit cards, particularly for amounts equivalent to €20.00 or less. A commission of 10% is charged on expenses and contracted services at the time of settlement.
27. Any increase in VAT and any beverage tax introduced will be charged to the recipient of the service, regardless of the point in time at which the contract was concluded. All prices, including service charges and statutory VAT, are in euros.
28. No refunds will be made for services offered as part of a package but not availed of.
29. Valuables, cash and valuable documents (securities, cheques, cheque cards, etc.) may be deposited in the hotel’s safe in the reception area. The statutory liability limits apply to valuables, cash and jewellery stored in the safe of a hotel room. If the guest stores such objects elsewhere in the hotel room, in the function rooms, or in other areas of the hotel, the hotel accepts no liability for loss or damage.
30. Faults in technical or other equipment provided will be rectified immediately if possible. However, payment may not be withheld or reduced on this account. Offsetting of our demands with counterclaims is excluded unless the counterclaims are undisputed or have been legally upheld.
31. The hotel makes every effort to fulfil its service contracts with the utmost care; however, damage claims resulting from negligence are excluded.
32. Items left behind by a guest will be forwarded only on request and at the guest’s cost. The hotel undertakes to retain such items for a period of 6 months.
33. Messages, mail and merchandise deliveries for guests are handled with care. The hotel will hold, deliver, and, for a fee, forward such items. However, no liability will be assumed for loss, delay or damage.
34. Any supplementary agreements must be in writing.
35. The place of performance and jurisdiction is Göttingen.
36. Should individual provisions of the contract or conditions be or become invalid or void, the validity of the remaining provisions will remain unaffected. In this case, the parties will agree upon a new provision as close as possible to the sense of the invalid one.

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